Unravel Your DNA

DNA_animation.gifDNA testing has opened the flood gates to discovering more about our ancestors. At Clever Genetic Ancestry, we can analyze your DNA results and help you discover how your DNA matches fit into your family tree.

Which DNA test is right for me?

With so many companies now offering a variety of DNA tests, it can be very confusing to know which test is the right one for  you. Y-DNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA tests can provide general information about your ancient ancestors, connect you to closer relatives and provide leads to ancestors in the 4-6 generation ranges, or simply provide general ethnicity.

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Knowing what to do with these results can be a very steep learning curve. We can help by helping you choose the tests to best meet your needs, analyzing the results of these tests, and providing either a written report or an online family tree based on your genetic ancestry.

Who Am I? Where Do I Fit It?

Are you adopted and looking for answers about your biologic family? Are you interested in learning about who your ancestors were and where they came from?

By combining document research and DNA results, we can help put the pieces of your DNA puzzle back together.