Kristina Clever, Genetic Genealogist

Family Tree and DNA Consultant

William GOW & Ida Dena RANELSON
Ida Dena Ranelson & William Gow (standing)

After listening to my mom’s amazing stories about researching her ancestors, I started researching my paternal family tree in 1986. After interviewing my grandparents, I realized just how little I knew about them and the struggles they had experienced. My grandfather’s dad died when my grandfather was only 9 months old, and my Aunt Shirley was from grandpa’s first marriage.

Ole Helmer RUDE & Olaug Therese FLADAAS
Ole Helmer Rude and Olaug Therese Fladaas – Norwegian Immigrants

My grandmother’s first language was Norwegian, and her mom died when my grandmother was just 5 years old and two of her younger sisters were given up for adoption. I was fascinated and wanted to know more. Who were grandpa’s paternal ancestors? What happened to my grandmother’s younger sisters? How did my ancestors come to the US? What were their lives like? And thus…a hobby was born.

DNA and Answers

IMG_9711Dabbling with Y-DNA tests in 2006 confirmed two known paternal lines and another test provided links to our Scottish lines. Now we knew our Gow line belonged to the Clan MacLaren. But what more could we learn? With the introduction of atDNA, my hobby turned in a passion for DNA discovery. In 2014, my half uncle Rob and half great aunt Betty asked if I could use DNA to find or confirm who their biological fathers were. This journey of learning how to get the most of their DNA tests and pulling together the pieces of their DNA puzzle lead to them discovering their fathers and relatives they had never known. Along the road, we have found more wonderful surprise relatives as well.

Continuing the Road to DNA and Family Discovery


My passion for DNA and experience with DNA analysis and family research led to becoming a Genetic Genealogist and an unofficial “Search Angel” helping others discover their biological family. If you are looking to unravel the secrets your DNA holds, I have the knowledge and skills to help you. By combining your DNA results with reviewing family trees of your DNA matches and researching relevant documents to confirm the accuracy of those trees, I can help you build your own genetic ancestry tree. I am member of the National Genealogical Society and Association of Professional Genealogists and currently working towards certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

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